Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacation Glimpse

My husband and I had a grand time driving west.
Does everyone track License Plates?
We found 50 out of 51.
We only missed Hawaii. 
I brought my art bag along,
stuffed full of pens, markers and Neocolor II crayons.
I tried capturing impressions along the way,
drawing them in my Daily
or catching them in photos for future use.

We had a diversity of weather.
Rainy Days, Cloudy Days, Sunny Days, Chilly Days.
It was perfect.

Does everyone have a Bucket List?
I can check Mt. Rushmore off of mine!
It was fascinating and I am so glad we spent time there.
The Black Hills of South Dakota are absolutely Beautiful!
We wandered the roads and found some beautiful vistas.
Visited a couple of old west towns.
I took time for art every day, in the car or in the hotel.

We took some memorable hikes.

We found hundreds of buffalo.
One lone buffalo crashed out
onto the road in front of us on one evening drive.
Pretty much gave me a heart attack!

And not far from the Black Hills is the Badlands!
So diverse!
And so absolutely Awesome.

My next post will catch up on my Daily.
It is SO MUCH FUN to do art!
Even while on the 'vaca'.

Home Again
Home Again
Jiggety Jig!

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  1. Your doodles and buffalos and windmills, well I could just keep going, your color sense is amazing. xox