Friday, July 12, 2013

Sister's Getaway

My Sister in laws and I went to Brown County, Indiana for a getaway.
What a beautiful part of the country this is.
Maybelle's Cabin
at the lovely
Robinwood Inn
was about as charming as you can get!

Robinwood's Greenhouse
Flowers and Butterflies and Frogs, oh my!
It was a beautiful, scenic setting.

The little town of Nashville, Indiana has shops and shops and more shops...
 We walked till our legs ached!
Very quaint and colorful and clean.

Brown County Indiana is known for it's art community.
Therefore there are scads of art galleries arond town.
We saw some fabulous handcrafted furniture.
And some one of a kind jewelry was bought.
And garden art was gathered.

We spent some time just relaxing in the cabin.
Sorting through photos on our computers.
Paper Crafting and Art.
(into the wee hours of the night)

We ate at some great little restaurants....
The Farmhouse Cafe.
The Hobnob Corner Restaurant.
The Pine Room Tavern.
Farmhouse Cafe
We took lots of photos.

My Favorite Photo.

 It was a relaxing vacation.
A great way to connect with family or friends.
The cabin was decorated incredibly!
The innkeepers are laid back and fun.
Frogs serenaded us to sleep at night.
Morning coffee on the porch....Wow!
Did I mention there is a little waterfall?
And a hot tub spa out the back door?
And a firepit a few steps away?
It was a truly inspirational place to do Art.

Go there.
Thanks. I'll get off my soapbox now.


  1. Wow....looks wonderful! Wish I could've joined you guys!

  2. It was amazing! Jan, this is a perfect summary.

  3. This is wonderful!!! Thanks so much for staying with us and i am so glad you all had fun. Come back sooon:)