Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I tacked on a few days in Portland, OR after my Idaho trip.
I figured since I was three quarters of the way to my friends house
I should jump over another state and visit them.
The nice surprise was another of our friends flew up from San Diego to join us!

So after my day of boot shopping and Brave Girl Friends
I was up at the edge of dawn to catch another plane heading west.

From the airport we traveled around town seeing the sites.
I got my books stamped at the park's welcome center.
The nice lady gave me a sticker too!

We had to visit VooDoo Doughnuts for a big pink box.

Someone send me a memo next time!
I have lots of blue sweaters!
Hi Girls!! This is me waving at you!
I had a wonderful visit with you...

Did I mention how delicious those doughnuts were?

We hung out and did clay art and drawing...
We chatted late into the nights...
We popped in a movie I had never heard of...
The Secret of Kells.
It is animated..about the Book of Kells.
Awesome and Creative.
Very beautifully illustrated.

I highly recommend the movie.
It is free if you have Amazon Prime.

Oh...we watched UP too. 
So fun!
Drawing and chatting while watching cartoons!
It was wonderful! 
Pizza for dinner.

And then a Travel Day!

Happy Arting Everyone.


  1. I've been there! Multanomah Falls and VooDoo donuts! Yum! :)

  2. I love all the little details and how they build to create one great impact!

  3. Voo Doo donuts, now I wish I were eating gluten.....sounds fab. Your trip looks so wonderful and I missed your fabulous spreads in the journal....xox

  4. We miss you Janet! We had so much fun with you and Julie when you were here! See you for lunch soon! Big Hugs!